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Re: Ratings are in !

I didn't participate in that thread, but it seems you have a unique ability to rewrite history. What you actually said in your OP was:

The mini was a huge hit on DVD and S1 sold very well but there are rumors across many websites that the recent dvd sales aren't doing very well.
Emphasis mine.

Subsequently, people noted that you were talking about a "downward spiral" of a DVD (Razor) and set (S3) that had yet to be released in the US.

You never presented any sales figures until confronted by others who wanted something more than your bare assertions. You only spoke from your experience. I'll take it you don't know how statistics are reported in actual studies - whereas I do, having done work in public health statistics. While "anecdotal evidence" might mean something in terms of something like known trends in over or undereporting (let's say of incidence rates or prevalence rates of behaviors or diseases), saying "my friend" isn't convertible. Likewise the lack of discussion about a DVD / DVD series is no measure of anything except what people are choosing to discuss.

In your last post, by the way you started accusing Cogley of trolling, and you went on more than one short rant about your feelings. You were yourself, if you'll recall, one those warned by Neroon. It isn't as if that thread is not archived.

Here is what Neroon told you in no uncertain terms:

TheMasterofOrion - you yourself ought to know better than to post somewhat controversial claims in a forum on the subject without verifiable source material to back it up. It's no wonder you invite such enmity. You've been here plenty long enough to know what to expect.

Next time, provide a link.
Shortly thereafter you wrote:

dvdempire lists Razor as selling an all-Time sales Rank of: 12,761 (terrible)

One supposes this was your "evidence." You were, if you'll recall trying to use this figure to substantiate your claim, and you were also claiming this before the DVD had been released and you went so far to state

Razor is on pre-order, that's the way a lot of people buy their stuff these days. Pre-Order sales give an accurate measure of how a DVD is going to sell overall.
Well, low and behold, we can look up that same figure today at the same website. Let's see, shall we:

Current Sales Rank: 244
All-Time Sales Rank: 3580

So, from the time you posted 12,761 to today that's quite the improvement, isn't it? One supposes that this says a wee bit of something about your logic, or can you not follow your own argument? I guess pre-orders weren't so accurate after all, and since that was a key element of your position, well, that says something about the accuracy of your statements - using your own yardstick.

Yet, your statement then was

Razor just like Transformers, Sopranos etc is available for pre-order These sales often give a very accurate measure of how a DVD is going to sell.

and it's not looking very good
Yet there was an improvement of over 9000 points - which, I would add, would apply to that site alone, not overall sales, but I'll gladly use the logic of your own position to refute it on the grounds you yourself laid out and answer you on your own level. Also,if you can draw inferences from "your friend in Tokyo" I can draw mine from people I know locally, including several who have said that they have never seen BSG but are buying or renting the DVD's and are, in fact, enjoying them a great deal. I myself did not purchase a BSG DVD until just this past year.

I'd also point out that BSG 2.5 has improved slightly from the same source you cited, moving from 2185 to 2114. At the time you called 2185 "okay." In point of fact, far from representing a "downward spiral" this current number would be "okay" and evidence - using your own yardstick - are, in fact, stable, not in a "downward spiral."

When you originally posted your numbers, you also quoted BSG Mini at 1372 rank. Currently it is listing at 1334, which is a slight improvement. You called 1372 "pretty good." So, again, we see an improvement, and one that would, at worst indicate stable sales, not a "downward spiral."

BTW, you neglected to quote Season 2.0, which is currently at All-Time Sales Rank: 1313. So, if 1372 is "pretty good" in October, for the mini, is 1313 "pretty good" in January? Again, we see an improvement, and one that would indicate stability not a "downward spiral."

Season 1's all time rate is: 1019. If 1372 was "pretty good" what can we say about 1019?

You tried to used as a source, but on a check we find it only lists the top 40 at any given time. How is this a measure of BSG's success or failure? Answer: It wouldn't be unless it was expected to be in the Top 40 in the UK. The same can be said of with respect to its results being confined to the UK. That's irrelevant to the overall sales. So, you really never provided an argument, and what you did provide in terms of concrete numbers was (a) selectively cited and (b) has shown, by a comparison of what you did cite, not a "downward spiral" but stable and slightly improved sales. I would, therefore, like to thank you for providing us a reminder of the locked thread so that I could do the necessary comparisons and see what sort of trend can actually be traced from October of last year to the present day in order to get a better picture - using your own yardstick that you so graciously provided.
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