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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Whew! Nice haul!

Spaceman Spiff said:
Universal Horrors: The Studio's Classic Films, 1931-1946. This large book has great write-ups, trivia, etc. about the films.
I think I've got that one.

Nosferatu (The Ultimate Two-Disc Edition)--This is a brand new restoration, and it's a stunner. In my opinion, this is now the version of the film to own. The F.W. Murnau Foundation really did some good work cleaning it up.
That sounds beautiful. I'll add it to my shopping cart.

I also got Metropolis.
Is the picture quality really good? The version I have is the next best thing to useless.

That's already in my shopping cart, waiting for the right moment.

I've been in more of a science fiction mood lately, but either The Mummy or The Bride Of Frankenstein (Dark Horse) are probably in my near future.

Actually, the book I'm reading now-- A Voyage To Arcturus by David Lindsay, originally published in 1920-- might be considered horror. It's certainly in no way science fiction. It's a surrealistic nightmare.

I also got this. Some may call it "horror." I call it "my childhood."
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