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GHS said:
My question is, is a piece of hardware required to accomplish this, or are there software programs that allow you to grab the image off the disk in the DVD drive on the computer? If so, will it let you grab frames from an official release...?
Yes and yes. There's DVD-playing software for PC's, such as PowerDVD and WinDVD, that will allow you to capture an image whilst playing (or pausing) a DVD. There are even ways you can try fiddling with Windows Media Player settings to allow the use of the printscreen key, but it doesn't always work.
I can't recall ever having a problem capturing an image from an official DVD release, I'd don't think the copy protection (usually) goes to such extremes.

GHS said:
I assume that with a VHS image, you'd stuck using some device like a Snappy unless you can copy it onto DVD
Right again. You need some kind of video input on your computer either from a video capture device or tv card/software.

Hope that helps.

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