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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

donners22 said:
TeutonicNights said:

Of course there are 1000 trexplanations for anything, and Ron Moore knows that very well (and says so in the interview). But he's kinda right, having adventures in the holodeck and having to conserve replicator power/eat weird stuff in the galley doesn't really fit together.

Not sure if this is mentioned in the interview (that may be the explanation you refer to), but it was established very early that the holodeck had independent, incompatible power suppy to the rest of the ship. Then promptly contradicted a few episodes later when power problems caused the holodeck to shut down...
Yes, they said that in the beginning, and then contradicted it later on to my guffaw.

The technology and how they used it changed to meet the needs of their environment.
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