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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Only if you think of Voyager as an alpowerful gunship colony vessel city in space... And it wasn't. 344 meters long and 15 decks deep. with around a 150 people squeezed in there that had been trying to kill each other a couple hours earlier? That's an insane pressure cooker where people are going to be killing each other for just looking at them funny by the second season ( ).

It's hard enough to get sports fans to share an arena for a couple hours, but the Maquis and Starfleet together in that cramped rickety barge? Have you seen West Side Story?

Since when was Voyager Solar Powered? In the fifth seasons opening story Night, they were all about the Deuterium, or was that merely because they were inside a stellar desert?

And there was LOTS of stuff they needed which Neelix was supposed to be the supply officer for. Hell during the pilot, I assumed that they were only having a limited number of torpedoes since they bothered to to mention they only had 70ish of them.

I love Voyagers flaws. Perfect shows are boring.
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