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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

RedJack said:
Pava got a nod specifically because a fan of the TITAN series emailed me and asked that she please get some face time.

I loved the Academy comics and hope others do more with her than I did. Yay, Pava!
David Mack said:
The same fan e-mailed me, and I was able to let him know that Pava will be seen again in the final book of the Destiny trilogy. I'll try to remember to mention that she's an Andorian shan.
As the fan in question, I'd like to thank both of you (as well as Mangels and Martin) for giving my favorite Andorian life beyond the comics. Things like this are the reason I love the current Trek lit as much as I do.

Sci said:
Oh dear. I hope she makes it out alive!
Uh oh. What have I done?!?
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