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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

There are websites which kept track of this meticulously. These figures are close to the facts and from memory. I spent hours once tabulating everything precisely. I'm no longer that anal.

In total there were only 90ish crewmen accounted for by name.

The original crew manifest was 150. Don't know how many were on the Val Jean under Chakotay's command, but it was said at one point that approximately one quarter of both crews died in the trip into the delta quadrant, and after they united they were back up to 150 warm bodies.

In the 37's at the end, Chuckles and Janeway were talking about how many people they need to work the ship, she said that if less than a hundred people decided to stay on Voyager then they were all stuck n the 37's planet, but that they had nearly a hundred and 50. No one left. Which she took as a victory. I see it as a dramatic failure since from a world of humans with a population of a hundred thousand I think, that none of them wanted to explore the galaxy or go home. It's quite pathetic Janeway didn't take on crew purposefully or by accident.

is that where you got the "100" crewmen from?

After Caretaker add Neelix and kes, Naomi, the Equinox 5, Seven and Icheb... Supposedly another 20ish died in Admiral Janeways redundant timeline but the less spoken of that the better.

From memory I think 27 people left or died on camera. I'm not sure if that's counting Harry and Naomi who were replaced instantly by quantum duplicates? Though I think it's counting Quinn.
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