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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Every episode where they didn't say "I'm still freaked out about when "X" happened last week" or they're suddenly running into the new boarder of a vast empire which spans a thousand light years, just like the last empire they bumped into the week before which spans a thousand light years vastly...

When the doctor fell in love with kes, when the Doctor fell in love with Seven, When Tom fell in love with Kes, when icheb fell in love with Seven, when icheb fell in love B'Lanna, when any one of them fell in love with an alien of the week and was fine the next episode or how Neelix didn't mention Kes again once until she showed up to kill them in Fury.

There was no continuing refurbishment or wounds or grips or grudges.

the reset button was infinitively prevalent! With the exception of the mobile emitter or how Kes exchanged for Seven, and the Delta Flyer... And maybe the marriage of Tom and B'Elanna... A relationship which the writers did forget about for years at a stretch that it was bloody surprising when it was brought up again that some one on Voyager was doing it... that you could shuffle any season up and play those episiodes even backwards and it would still make as much sense in reverse as they would in the direction correctly intended because no previous episode has a noticeable impact on the next.

O. No fracking children! 150 people who know how to use birth control? Now that's just the most science fictional thing I have ever heard! the reset button probably terminated a thousand or so illegitimate unwanted fetuses amid the seven season run.
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