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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Spaceman Spiff said:
Nosferatu (The Ultimate Two-Disc Edition)--This is a brand new restoration, and it's a stunner. In my opinion, this is now the version of the film to own. The F.W. Murnau Foundation really did some good work cleaning it up.
Stop making me jealous. Murnau fan that I am, I didn't have the money to triple dip on this movie (owning as I do the Image release, and then getting the Kino release in their Murnau boxset).

Ah well... I've got Battleship Potemkin.

It's funny that I got so many silent films at Christmas. (These are just the horror ones. I also got Metropolis
Ah yes, the Kino release. Seen it yet? It's the movie like it's never been before; one of my all time favourite DVDs.
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