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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Wil has a posse said:
voss749 said:
5) No holodecks

This should be bolded and underlined.

I'll give it a try:


There, that felt better.

I would like to have seen Janeway have to explain some of the major events of the journey to a board of review at Starfleet. In the military, whenever something out of the ordinary takes place, there's a board of review.

I'd periodically like to see a Starfleet vs. Maquis soccer game with the two coaches - Chakotay and Janeway cheating to secure a win.

I would like to have seen Janeway denied service in the Captain's lounge because of a tab that went unpaid for seven years.

I would also liked to have seen her have to use a good chunk of her back pay to bail the crew out of jail after they hit San Francisco for the first time in seven years. Kind of like "Night Court" only everything's a bit cleaner.
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