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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and the Doctor belong to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , the Drahvins belong to the BBC and the Estate of William Emms and the Azores (technically) belong to Portugal. Anything else is mine.

Chapter 2 – Drahvins!
29 September 2018, The Azores Autonomous Region, Portugal, just outside the city of Ponta Delaga

The Doctor and his companions were still behind the trees in the park as they watched foot soldiers march out of the Drahvin starship. “What are we going to do?” Felicia asked.
“We will have to find the leader, and then I’ll have to improvise” the Doctor said. Daniel thought.
“So are we just going to march onto that ship?” he asked.
“I haven’t any other ideas, and we need to find out why the Drahvins are invading Earth at this time and place, we will have to wait until the soldiers are all out of the ship though, and hope that they won’t find us here” the Doctor said.
“Oh dear” Felicia said, thinking that there was definitely going to be discomfort ahead…

Soon the soldiers had left the ship, and the door remained open.
“Ok, now, everyone. Run!” The Doctor said.

The Doctor and his companions darted out from behind the tree, and ran towards the Drahvin starship. The starship looked the same as all other Drahvin ships he had seen, made out of a trashy tin-alloy, that could easily be punctured by weapons fire or micrometeoids.

The Doctor bounded up the debarkation ramp, followed by Felicia, Daniel, Jia’hale, and Sigrun bringing up the rear.

“Ok, we need to find the bridge, that is the place the leader is most likely to be at” the Doctor said.
“Wouldn’t that be at the top of the ship?” Sabrina asked.
“You have been watching too much Science Fiction, most often the bridge isn’t on the top, but in a more protected position within the ship” the Doctor said. Sabrina wasn’t offended by this, the Doctor had discussed with her about her preconceived ideas before.
“Wouldn’t it be worth a try though?” Sigrun asked.
“Absolutely, otherwise, we wouldn’t know” the Doctor said.
“Let’s go then” Daniel said. The Doctor lead the way along the corridor and soon found a service shaft that lead upwards, he started climbing, followed by Daniel, Felicia, Sigrun, Jai’hale and Sabrina. They soon found themselves on the top deck of the Drahvin transport.

The Doctor stepped out into the corridor, and ran a scan with the sonic screwdriver. “It is clear, and it is likely that the bridge is on this deck, lets go” he said. His companions followed him out into the corridor, and followed him towards where the sonic screwdriver was indicating the bridge was.

They soon arrived at a door, which was locked. “Deadlock seal, the sonic screwdriver is useless” the Doctor said.
“We could try a ventilation shaft” Sabrina said. The Doctor was then in thought.
“Worth a try” Daniel said.
“Ok, Sabie, Dan, we will try it” the Doctor said. They then looked along the corridor for any openings to the ship's ventilation shafts.

They soon found one, about 10 meters from the bridge door. This time the Doctor could open it with the sonic screwdriver. It clanged down onto the floor.
“Ok, I'll go first” Daniel said.
“No, Dan, I'll go first, you don't know what would be in there, it could be boobie trapped!” the Doctor said.
“Of course” Daniel said, the Doctor usually went first into dangerous situations like this.
“You can bring up the rear” the Doctor said. The Doctor then entered the ventilation duct, with Jia'hale following.
Sabrina, Felicia and Sigrun followed, and Daniel came last.

The Doctor leapt out of the ventilation shaft onto the Drahvin bridge, where many Drahvins were waiting.

“Hello Doctor!” one of them, who seemed to be in charge, said. The Doctor looked up straight, and his companions carefully exited the shaft.
'Of course, it has to be her!' the Doctor thought to himself.
“Hello, Kellira” the Doctor said, with irony in his voice. The Doctor had run into this particular Drahvin before.
“You know her?” Daniel asked.
“In a manner of speaking” the Doctor said.
Kellira made a signal and suddenly every Drahvin on the bridge were pointing their guns at the Doctor and his companions, it appeared that the Doctor was outwitted...
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