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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Dominion wars came in two flavours, the US version which will run on XP with no problems, and the EU version which you may get up and running but is about as stable as a one legged 98 year old half blind woman, flying down a cobbled hill on a unicycle.........basically its totally unplayable.

I have both versions and the only way i ever got the EU version was to work was just to install ME back onto a spare HD i had.

And to add a little flavor to this story, the problem with the EU version could have been solved with a small patch, but there was no official patch released for this problem, there was however a altered EXE files made by a fan of the game, who used to hang about the official Trek web site forums and had been in touch with the games developers to offer them the altered EXE file for the game as a official patch...Unfortunately this very helpful person was told in no uncertain terms from official sources that messing with the EXE of the games could and would result in copyright breach and was told to cess and desist.

Which was a shame really and DW is a very respectable and fun game.

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