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Looking for a new home?

Welcome to the Jericho System.

The Jericho System is the home of Star Station Orion, recently created by the Federation, on the frontier of Federation territory leading into the Beta Quadrant. It consist of a small station, two space dock facilities and two starships. It's in orbit around the colony of Jericho.

The colony on Jericho is a hotbed of opportunity. Jericho offers a fresh start for some and a place to strike it rich to others. Jericho Colony was created in 2370. Efforts to colonize Jericho suffered during the Dominion War and conflicts that followed.

The young colony consists of a Federation detachment and a Starbase to help the colony along, but most colonists look forward to the day where they become an independent planet with membership to the Federation.

Orion stress the importance of the Federation civilians more than the usual Starfleet RPG's. And is a proud member of FORGE Fleet. If you are interested in joining or have any questions at all, email me . We are looking for anyone interested in writing. Past role playing experience is not required and neither is a deep knowledge of Star Trek. Come with an open mind and a love for literature and we will welcome you with open arms.

Please check out our log archives. They can be found in our database. The database is located in the starbase section of the site.

Captain Jason Carson
Commanding Officer
Star Station Orion
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