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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Compare Seska an engineer who had been working around transporters and replicators all her life, given a few months head start to furrow away all the convenient technology she needed to be the messiah to the kazon pulling them up by their boot straps to a completely different weight class, but she "doesn't" and then now and then makes a grab at Voyager when dala was able acquire everything in 2 seconds using a core dump on her tricorder while the hedgehogs back was turned... TO Scorpius cutting Crichton's scull cap off, removing half his brain to get at a spidercancerlike robot drone that had been threading around in there acting as the home for a "Head Scorpius" who'd been tormenting John for 2 years in a battle of wit and distraction to yield the secret of wormhole weapons... And then like an Oded back ally hooker, John's left there to die while the credits roll for the end of season.

Even with muppets, Farscape was plenty dark.
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