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Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?
The Thoughts about the Doctor by various characters.

1. Last of the Time Lords
Lucy Saxon
The Doctor, he is clearly of the same race as of Har.., no, the Master. Who does he think he is, even though he may or may not be the only other 'Time Lord of Gallifrey' in existence, to imprison him in the TARDIS. (How would he be able to repair it anyway...). Who are you Doctor, that you want to spare your enemy? Who are you that you think you can take action on behalf of a civilisation that no longer exists? Though you think you have won, you will still lose! Goodbye Harold...
The report of the gun is heard on the bridge of the Valiant, the Doctor is then heard urging the Master to survive.
"Just one bullet. You can do it"
"Regenerate!" the Doctor cries out.
The Master cries out defiantly and dies. The Doctor cries over his body.
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