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Could sonic showers actually work?

We've all heard about sonic showers many times on Trek (and, on Voyager, actually seen them in action). But is the theory behind them, actually legit? Meaning, could sound waves theoretically work as a cleaning device, as Trek suggests?

I foresee some problems:

- Some people can't stand hearing high frequency sound waves. It might even give them headaches or seizures. I'd imagine sonic showers would be even more dangerous for people like this.

- Even if a sonic shower would shake the dirt off you, that's not all that makes you dirty. What about the sweat? Smell? How could soundwaves get rid of those? If you're sweaty and dirty, and you get into a water shower, that's easy, since the water sluices both of those off. I don't see how sound waves could. (Dirt, yes; sweat, not so sure.)
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