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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

Maxwell Everett said:
This demonstrates, I think, two things:
  • The original 35mm negatives were telecined (transfered to video for editing) and stored for later use.
  • There is no picture information on either side of the originally exposed frame due to hard matting in-camera.
    (which is why they had to crop the image for the trailer.)


If the above is true, it means the 35mm negatives do exist somewhere in storage at Paramount or CBS. These can be transfered to HD in exactly the same process that was done for TOS Remastered: That is, 4:3 pillarboxed within the 16:9 HD frame.
I would think that Paramount without any doubt has the original negatives from TNG somewhere. And I am also excited, because there's without any question a huge opportunity for Paramount to go back and give us the quality from the original 35mm negs. I almost don't really even care about the FX, really. (Although I think the quality between a fresh scan from a 35mm neg and the look from the video-transferred space shots would be significant.) Just by your sample alone, I think that the difference seen on virtually any kind of screen (high def is the preferred choice for sure) would be startling.
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