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Re: Best of Both Worlds Remastered ; Battle of Wolf 359 sho

Guy Gardener said:
In ten years, they'll be laughing at the cgi and sfx we have today.

Mutton in lambs clothing.
Funny thing is, fx from 10 years back will for the most part look better than today's stuff 10 years from now. Maybe audiences of 2017 will wonder why we de-evolved from 4k imagery (35mm film) to 2k imagery instead of just waiting for the tech to get to the point where we could retain image quality w/o having to render out cartoonish looking stuff a good deal of the time.

I sure hope they'll wonder why so many early 21st century movies look almost monochrome (the large number that look like they were photographed through a pair of polaroid sunglasses, especially.) I still can't figure that out.
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