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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

Baerbel Haddrell said:
RedJack said:

I will take your crits under advisement in terms of future Trek work, should any come my way. I certainly don't like to have ANY of my readers confused or left with impressions I didn't intend which seems to have happened here. That's my fault, of course. Next time, better clarity.
Thank you for your interesting comments. I hope I wasn`t too harsh but I also thought, especially because you asked for detailed reviews, it is better to be open and honest.

As I said, although I wasn`t happy with some aspects, I certainly enjoyed others. I am hoping you will be writing more Star Trek in future.
No prob.

We're all fans of this stuff. We all have our versions of what's "right" for Star Trek. As long as people are honest about their enjoyment or lack of enjoyment I'm fine with all of it.

It's supposed to be for fun. And for me SoD very much was. I do hope to get at least one more shot at Star Trek. There are lots of fun things going on in the lit-verse and no possible way to get to them all.

(and I'm glad people like Modan. She's awesome)
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