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Re: Finally - Star Trek audio dramas

Merry Stitchmas said:
T'Cal, with all due respect, there is a world of difference between a book on tape (this includes each and every Trek "audio" with the sole exception of the 3 Captain Sulu audio dramas) and an audio play/drama.

The audio plays are full presentations, with full casts, sound effects, original music, etc.

The books on tape (or cd) don't even come close to matching what can be done with the audio plays.

Another difference is that the books on tape are abridgments of novels (or novelizations, whichever). The audio plays are wholly original, written specifically for that format.

To see what I mean, try listening to one of the Captain Sulu stories. One of them features the fantastic Dana Ivey in a co-starring capacity.
Merry, while I enjoyed the "Alien Voices" audio plays as performed by DeLancie, Nimoy and other Trek actors, I tried the Sulu stories and hated them; poorly read and acted. As for Continuing Missions, I find them lacking, too. Enjoy them. I'll stick with the audio-novels that are read so wonderfully by Trek actors. When Frakes reads as Troi, McFadden reads as Picard, or DeLancie reads as Worf, I hear and imagine the characters as they are played on TV. For me, they are that good.

BTW, the audio-novels do in fact use sound effects and they also have a sound track. Also, while they are abridged, they are done so specifically for audio. Some even have scenes that were in a movie's novelization that never made it to the screen. Perhaps it's been a while for you, but I can't recommend strongly enough that you give them a second try. Any of the ones I mentioned above are outstanding.
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