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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

Christopher said:
Vixen said:
Isn't Starfleet down two, technically, considering the destruction of the U.S.S Luna, as constantly referenced by Ra-Havreii?
As I recall, the Luna wasn't destroyed, only damaged. It suffered an accident that killed a number of engineers, but the ship survived and is now in service.
Dammit...I guess focusing on what's being said and comprehending the reading helps, huh?

RedJack said:
Vixen. You're silly.
I try, sometimes. You should see me after a few glasses of cider and some sips of wine :thumbsup: (First Contact Troi ain't got nothin' on me)

Thanks for the crit. I'm glad you enjoyed it after all.
It was an enjoyable read, but sometimes (unfortunately, during most of the scientific scenes and explanations) I felt my eyes glaze over slightly and felt like I was in my high school science class. But, it was still a great entry into the Titan series (and much better than Resistance)

Sorry for the jumping around. Some folks like it, some not so much.
Trek Lit authors aren't linear, they're everywhere!
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