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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

Vixen. You're silly. Thanks for the crit. I'm glad you enjoyed it after all. Sorry for the jumping around. Some folks like it, some not so much.

Baerbell. Well. We differ on the Riker thing. I felt it was necessary to show a decision, a hard decision, being made. I'm never happy with captains who willy-nilly decide to do what's best for themselves in defiance of something like the PD. Unlike Calhoun or Kirk, Riker, while always able to improvise a new means of getting what he wants, has often been shown to also follow, to the letter, commands he doesn't agree with or like. And this was when he was a first officer. Now that he's captain, I assume the pressure to conform is higher. That's how I see it. Mileage varies, of course.

I will take your crits under advisement in terms of future Trek work, should any come my way. I certainly don't like to have ANY of my readers confused or left with impressions I didn't intend which seems to have happened here. That's my fault, of course. Next time, better clarity.
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