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Re: Finally - Star Trek audio dramas

Merry Stitchmas said:
T'Cal, with all due respect, there is a world of difference between a book on tape (this includes each and every Trek "audio" with the sole exception of the 3 Captain Sulu audio dramas) and an audio play/drama.
The Borg PC game was adapted to a full cast audio as well, with a little extra narration. After all a full drama was done for the game.

Big Finish (who do the Doctor Who audios) have recently branched out from full cast audio to narrated audiobooks, with a TV star reader and a guest voice, for stories they couldn't do - with unavailable Doctors. And its some of the best stuff they've ever done.

And now they are branching out even further to do licenced Stargate audiobooks.

Books as apposed to dramas are a lot easier to produce I'd imagine, and perhaps easier to enjoy.
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