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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

I did not make Will a PD hard-liner. I made him the opposite.

As for the hardness of the science, I think I did what I could with it. I have several characters ask for and get clarification throughout the story and I have never been a fan of the post-game wrap up. This was an attempt to make an adult book. I will promise to do better on that score in any future books but, in an attempt to do an original time paradox story (nearly impossible in Trek) I was forced to get exotic in SoD.

I'm amazed that anyone who reads scifi would find a tesseract to be in any way exotic but, as more than one person has, I should learn not to assume.

Once the Hols are over I will begin to post annotations as the other writers have done to make some things more clear.

While I certainly respect everyone's right to like it or dislike it (impossible to please all comers, after all), it is my preference that the book be characterized properly in either case.

Please re-read Deanna's and Will's argument and Deanna's follow-up with Vale. Will is LOOKING for wiggle room and not finding it. He is also extremely concerned that his actions will cause more harm than good. Such dissonance is hardly the behavior of a hard-liner. Deanna, despite their ongoing friction in the story, takes pains to remind him that he's at his best when he improvises, bending the rules when necessary to serve the greater good. I think this is very much in keeping with their established relationship.

It's stated outright that he has NEVER been comfy with the PD insofar as it defines "cultural maturity" as synonymous with technological advancement. A position that is shored up not only in various of the literary works but in the canon material as well.

Will feels constrained by the PD, not compelled to uphold it in every case. but he is also an officer and, when an order is worded as specifically as Starfleet's PD, finding loopholes can be a bear. This is what I tried to show.

I'm sorry it didn't work for you but I'm thrilled that you liked so much of the rest of the stuff.
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