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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Kegek Kringle said:
6th day of XMe$$ said:
UPN not dicking with it.
Exactly. Most of VOY's flaws can be traced back to this problem. Even the fact the creative team that just got DS9 up and running was a little tired and reluctant to create yet another new show can be traced back to the fact UPN demanded a Star Trek show as its flagship property.
Bingo. The staff wanted to make use of the premise and to do a lot of the things people in this thread believe would have made Voyager "better". But UPN wanted a TNG type show with (most importantly) TNG type ratings, and vetoed pretty much everything that would have moved Voyager away from that goal. Had the producers and writers not had their hands tied we'd have had a very different show.
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