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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

romulus said:

TNG is still remembered by most of my Gen, itís what most of my generation watched even if they did not become big enough fans to pay attention to the sequel shows.

I'm starting to think that most people of my gen who watched TNG, later moved on to other sci-fi and don't really care about Trek anymore. Most of the Trek fans left are old timers so I don't know if there are enough people left who care about TNG to want it "remasterd."

Just personally this didnt apply to me.

I'm 25 so as for me in this gen

As far as sequels, I watched Ds9 and liked it, I never finished voy. Left like 2nd season.

I never liked Sci Fi I liked Star Trek, and therefore never ever moved on to any other sci fi. So not everyone is all im saying.

It would be nice to see my fav st look nice. Maybe i will buy it one day,
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