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Re: Best of Both Worlds Remastered ; Battle of Wolf 359 sho

Babaganoosh said:
BriGuy said:
And who ever woulda thunk we'd be talking about TNG needing remastering???
If TPTB ever want to air the show in HD, they will have to remaster it. Same goes for DS9 and Voyager. (Not Enterprise, which was made to be airable in HD from the get-go.)
Are you saying 'airable in HD' because they protected the wider aspect ratio while shooting? Cuz they didn't abandon film and switch to hd till the last year it was on.

By way of comparison, QUANTUM LEAP started protecting (and framing) so that the show could be matted widescreen and not lose anything in its third or fourth season, many years back. I thought nearly all TV shows started keeping that in mind in the mid 90s.
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