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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

Mott the barber said:
DumbDumb2007 said:
I caught a few first season eps on dvd eariler this week. They beyond need remastering. the whole first season looks low budget and just above a Saturday morning live action show.

It's amazing if you compare the first two seasons with 3 and on. The production value is totally different, including the set lighting.
As someone who is not a TNG fan, I'm always amazed by how the softer fuzzier look of TNG in later years is looked upon as an improvement by most folks. I do agree that there is a certain rough aspect to the first couple years, but that gave it a bit of bite. Once they started diffusing stuff when they switched cameramen, it started looking like a lot of typical TV where it is all about making the actors and actresses resistant to aging, a kind of subtle version of Finnerman's fog up the actress look on seasons1/2 of TOS.

There is a comfortable slickness to this gauzy stuff, but it is just so safe looking, kind of like TMP but w/o the lit from the floor awfulness.

The visual effects do look better, probably because the motion control folks got a lot better with practice.

The amount of work involved in digging out all the original film elements and rescanning them would be something that kept a lot of people employed, so I guess remastering these could be a good thing from that perspective, but the cost would be staggering.

To the best of my knowledge, there are very few elements in ANY of TNG that originated on video.

There is a shot (a bad one as I recall) of people getting zapped in season 2 in the deaf mediator episode that utilized shot-on-video elements of a visible-human model or something like that, which has been mentioned in interviews here or there, but nealry everything else was shot on film. I think shooting physical elements on 35mm continued even into 1st season ENTERPRISE, at least for dirt and rocks, even if they went full cg for the ships.
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