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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

Vixen said:
...there were times, with Riker and Troi, that there could have been a bit more focus on them. The whole "dancing around their problem" worked for a while, but then fell flat. Especially when the problem was finally revealed. All that trauma...over her workload being made lighter? Yes, it's a valid reason and it wasn't one of the first times he'd been overprotective, but having it get as bad as it got is a bit too much.
I thought the real underlying source of tension between them was their difficulty conceiving, and that their frustration at that worsened their disagreement over his protectiveness etc. At least that was my impression.

I'm pissed off beyond all belief at having to wait until October of 2-freaking-008 to get more Titan.
Why? December '07 to October '08 is only 10 months. The interval between Orion's Hounds and SoD was 23 months, January '06 to Dec. '07.
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