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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

Well, I've finished it. I'm still digesting everything, but I can say it was a good read.

But I can see how you could be turned off by it. The technobabble was at times a bit much. Vale made a comment about how helpless she felt with all the techno talk, and I have to agree.

The Riker/Troi thing. I'm not sure about Imzadi III, but there were times, with Riker and Troi, that there could have been a bit more focus on them. The whole "dancing around their problem" worked for a while, but then fell flat. Especially when the problem was finally revealed. All that trauma...over her workload being made lighter? Yes, it's a valid reason and it wasn't one of the first times he'd been overprotective, but having it get as bad as it got is a bit too much. If the question was having the baby in the first place, and Riker didn't want to for constant fear for its and her safety (something that was expressed in Sword of Damocles anyway) then I could see all this grief. But work schedules?

Ra-Havreii being an ass for most of the story, even when he was helping, almost turned me off. And his "Luna Guilt" is starting to become an annoying trait, and utilized a lot more than necessary.

Despite all that (I wasn't turned off from it) it was still a good read. My pacing and reading were thrown off by all the technobabble and scientific concepts, but with the explanations there, I managed to slog through it. Having Jaza gone/not gone is going to kill me, and I'm pissed off beyond all belief at having to wait until October of 2-freaking-008 to get more Titan.

Sword of Damocles was a good read, overall, and has rounded out my Trek Lit experience for this month. Kudos, Geoff.
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