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Re: Finally - Star Trek audio dramas

One of my hobbies/interests (besides Star Trek) is OTR (Old Time Radio). When I'm listening to OTR, I'm listening to audio dramas from back in the days when they were much more common--from before to the early days of television.

Among the shows I listen to somewhat regularly are a couple of sci-fi series from the 1950's--"Dimension X" and "X Minus One". Some of the dates that the shows take place, which were in the future back then, are now history! These series offer an alternative view of the future from Star Trek, but they're nice to listen to in addition to Star Trek.

That said, I can't wait until Christmas to listen to "The Continuing Mission"--a mix of two hobbies/interests. I just wish that there were more episodes, more frequently; but I understand the constraints they're working under.
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