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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Yeah, he just said O'Hare was a nutter. Stuff like him asking for a ride to the studio, then during that ride while playing with the radio randomly for no apparent reason, he asked him out for breakfast, which JD had no problem with. Then O'Hare sits down with him, and he doesn't talk. At all. Then tells JD that he talks, and he listens.

Then JD went on to talk about their first night out after shooting, and JD was talking to the girl who plays Lyta, then he randomly sat between them and started chatting up Lytas actress. JD didn't really care, and just went about ordering a round for the three. When he gave O'Hare his drink, he pointed at JD and said "You can't control me!" or something like that while pointing, might've been don't. He did the same thing with some make up artist on the show too, kept chatting her up and the like. I think JD also said that he punched a female actor on the show, or an extra during the first season. Can't remember.

To top it off, he went on to talk about how he nearly quit the show. Why? JD said to him "Michael is there an Indian behind every tree?" and O'Hare responded " and I will settle this May 26 after we wrap production". Then JD just said he won't be back for a second season unless O'Hare goes. Thats why they never met face to face.

Sounds funny though. I have the mp3 somewhere I think, I might upload it.
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