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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Jan said:
Hoshi_Mayweather said:
I'm catching this show with the boyfriend...(It's okay, I guess. A lot of alien faces, which aren't my cup of tea).
Where are you in your viewing, Hoshi? My sister had a bit of a hard time with the alien makeup when she first started watching but eventually ended up completely forgetting about the makeup because the characterizations were so strong.

I had somewhat the same reaction to Farscape but I'm hoping to start watching it soon.


Hello, Jan

I’m currently in the second season…

Farscape actually became a bit tedious for me as well as weird…lol

I did think the main guy, Crichton (sp?) was funny though…

NoRoon AtThe Inn said:
Hoshi.... has your boyfriend seen B5 before? If so, what was it that he liked about it, which got you to agree to watch it with him?

As to taking some time to get into it, I can understand. Heretical as it may seem to others, I had a hard time getting into the show at first. There was a great deal of set-up, of getting to know the characters, etc. But once that all came together at the end of Season One, I dove into it enthusiastically.

I advise you to check in with The Lurker's Guide To Babylon 5. It's an excellent reference which can help you nail down characters and plot points, while keeping you from being spoiled on future story points.
NoRoon AtThe Inn,
I think he saw bits and pieces of it during its initial run…

In a nutshell, I just decided to watch an episode, and got interested in the characters…

Btw, does anyone think the security guy, Garibaldi, looks like Bruce Willis? (As long as B5 has been known, I’m sure others have mentioned that before)…

Thanks for the link to the site. I’ll check it out…
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