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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS***

Just finished the book, had to re-read the end because I felt like I missed something with Xin, are chief engineers going to be this series' 'red shirts'?

Very interesting story though, nice the Xindi were mentioned. It was a great trip, liked the Rikers' problem was a mystery for a bit, Modan was very different, loved her, I will miss both Jaza and especally Ra-Havreii, he was interisting because he had bagage from what happened to the Luna and was still working on it.

I also liked all the tension, much like it was on DS9 for a while and something Voyager could have used more of early on. Nice to see that a crew that diverse can get along, but also have realistic issues too.

Oh - was the Orion crewmember on the Charon chief engineer? Just asking because I have an Orion on my as yet unfinished fanfic project and mentioned the few others in Starfleet were either security or engineering officers.
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