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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

Mott the barber said:
Wow, good research. What's the deal with the color differences? The bottom looks like TNG as we saw it on tv...kinda bland and slightly washed out. The shot from, the trailer almost looks S1 and 2 style...more dirty and gritty.
Yeah... I noticed that too. I figure when they pulled the 35mm negative or inter-positive (or whatever they have in storage) from BOBW, they had it printed with different color timing -- higher saturation, deeper blacks, more contrast. There's a great deal of picture information and latitude on that original film, so they pretty much could have made it look however they wanted.

In this case they were going for more dramatic, to match the cinematography of a feature film... to what DP Matthew Leonetti was doing with First Contact. Transferring TNG to HD would be a whole new viewing experience, (much like TOS Remastered) as the telecines from the late eighties, early nineties were not that great, to say the least!


Hmm... that picture seems to have disapeared from Imageshack, so here's a link for those who didn't see it:

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