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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

Tosk said:
The scenery thread in GenTrek reminded me of one thing that bugged me every time it happened.

Any shot facing out towards an open shuttlebay...there is never any of the ship visible outside, and the shuttlebay opening is perfectly vertical, unlike the exterior doors. And before anyone chimes in with, "The doors can close at an angle without it being the same inside" there was never any extension to the floor either. It's a straight drop-off right outside the opening.

Anyway, just a model vs set inconsistancy that would be cool if fixed.

It'd be cool to have Ten Forward featured on the model right from the start, too.
That angle-issue reminds me also of the windows in VOY's mess hall, which seemed to have no hint of the surrounding ship's hull (yes it was angled, but not completely gone IMO).
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