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Re: TNG HD DVD? Is there? If so would you? If you?

Noname Given said:
DumbDumb2007 said:
Next Gen, should get remastered into HD DVD. sound, video, picture should all be cleared up. The NCC-1701-D should be altered as to how it looked in the later seasons.
The whole show should be compltey remastered a far at they want to take it. DS9, Enterprise, and Voyager should be next to be remastered.
the Next Series should be set on an even newer Enterprise, the NCC-1701-G and be all HD.
Actually, Enterprise doesn't need any remastering as it was filmed, and posted in native 1080i HD format from the start.

Yeah, I've been catching reruns on HDNet. It looks great!

As for TNG, I'm just curious how they're gonna get around the film/video issue with the effects. I'm sure the technology in some form or another is there. The earlier seasons (obviously) could use the most clean up. The latter seasons hold up surprisingly well I think.
I don't want them doing too many CGI redos of the exterior shots of the ship either. There's something to be said for the natural beauty of the models. I actually think the earlier exterior shots with the 6 footer are much more well done than some of the later 4 footer flybys. There's much less of sense of depth with the 4 footer I think. Those they could clean up.

My 0.02
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