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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

RedJack said:
JD said:
I was just getting started on Taking Wing (for my 2nd read) in preparation for Sword of Damocles, and I couldn't remember who the popular choices were for the new characters. I wanted to include voices for the non-human characters too. Opinions?
The only people I've "cast" are:
Vale: Amanda Tapping
Keru: Adam Baldwin
Jaza: Jesse L. Matin
Angela Bassett from STRANGE DAYS is Y'Lira Modan (but made of gold) in my mind. I envisioned Paulo Rossini as a younger Nestor Carbonal (sp). And Angelina Jolie is Hsuuri.

But, you know, covered in fur and with a tail.


It could happen.
So it was Paolo then? I was wondering which of the twins it was. :thumbsup:
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