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Isolated, vulnerable, outnumbered, outrun…

These are just some of the things that will be experienced by the crew of the USS Discovery, a Nova class ship assigned to Task Force 9 in the Gamma Quadrant.

During our missions, we will frequently be many days travel from the closest Starfleet presence. We do the exploring, we make the First Contacts, and we do the grunt work. There’s no room for glamour and ceremony, and if things get dangerous, we’ll be the first to know. There are still pockets of Dominion power out there, and they don’t all take the peace treaty seriously.

The Discovery doesn’t have a huge amount of weaponry, our maximum speed is warp 8, and our shields can only take a few direct hits before failing. Things can get very messy very quickly, and yet we’re on the front line. Not the front line of any war, but the front line of exploration.

Which is more testing?

You be the judge.

Many positions are still needed. To apply, just go to:
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