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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

I have a"job" that lets me read online alot. Here's my take on the juicy ones out there.
Epiphany Trek-The Kongo/Romulan War/Jerry LaSalle stories-off canon but GREAT!Read in order! They reinforce each other!
ST:Vesta-simply awesome fanfic
Sutherland/Gibraltar/Bluefin/Lexington/Shepard-can't get enough
ST:Reborn-a dark take on Kirk and the boys
To Boldly Go
These can be found at
And if you like very dark stories:
www.stormpages/gabrielle/trek/stories/oswiecim for a Bashir/changeling time-travel story that will curl your toes. Seriously. I almost wretched.
There are many fine one shots at but you have to plough through the drek sometimes, brushing off MarySues left and right.
ST Beyond Whats Left Behind at is cool if you liked DS9-it continues the story.
ST: Avalon is good, too.
Slightly off topic but an unbelievable achievement in fan fic-type "Babylon5 dark mirror" into Yahoo search. Over a MILLION words(5 big books) of well written fanfic. A complete re-telling of the saga.
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