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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

^^You're welcome.

Santa Roshi said:
Hey folks!
It's been a while since I have decided to purchase Jasc Animation in order to extract vids and convert them into avatars and whatnots. But unfortunately, Jasc has been bought by Corel. I checked Corel's website and among the various products displayed, I can't tell which version of Paint Shop Pro contains Jasc...
Could you please help me out?
I have PSP7 so I know that one comes with Animation Shop. A quick google search for "paint shop pro animation shop" reveals that PSP9 also comes with it.

Check out reviews of later versions online. I found a review on Amazon from a guy that had upgraded from PSP7 to XI and was complaining that Animation Shop was not included with the later release.

I suppose you check out any demo versions avaliable for download, too.

Good Luck.

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