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Star Trek: Vengeance is currently recruiting new members. Vengeance began in 2000 and has grown into an elaborate story of conflict, self discovery and intrigue. This isn't your ordinary SIM. Some focus on the action, dishing out story lines that are recycled plots from the various Trek series. Vengeance is a fresh and bold new approach to the familiar Star Trek universe. We're looking for a new Chief Medical Officer, Counselor, Helm Officer, and Tactical Officer. A brief description is below. Interested? Sign up today! VENGEANCE HOMEPAGE


In 2390, the Federation has chosen to move forward from the days of wars and battles by returning to its roots - exploring strange new worlds. With the Gamma Quadrant remaining unexplored, the powers that be have sent one vessel into the quadrant on a five-year mission. But this is anything but ordinary. This adventure is more than a story of a ship, it's about those who have left their homes in search of strange new worlds and civilizations. Each person has their own story, their own struggle, and their lives cross with one another. While completing their mission, they will be discovering something far more valuable - themselves.

Star Trek: Vengeance s a long-standing play by E-mail group. It is a character-driven, continuing plot adventure based in the Star Trek universe. We are currently recruiting new writers who are interested in creating dynamic characters, being involved in exciting, fresh plots, and focusing on characters more so than techno-babble. Just one post a week is required for participation! This Star Trek is like none other; think of Star Trek blended with TV's Dallas, Dynasty , with a big-dose of science fiction. Interested? Join us today.

Based on the universe as introduced in Star Trek as created by Gene Roddenberry and the long running fan-written series Star Trek: Vengeance.
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