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Re: Best of Both Worlds Remastered ; Battle of Wolf 359 sho

DumbDumb2007 said:
If the Best of Both World's Parts 1 and 2 were remastered completly the sound effects, picture clarity and battles in both halves of the epic story would blow people away.
Aa few new scenes of Patrick Stewart as Locutus could be added. No one would notice the years added on under the Borg makeup. Seing what the Battle section of the 1701-D could realy do while separated would in incredible.
Seeing the Starship Saratoga onscreen would be cool. Actually seeing the Battle of Wolf 359 in today's level of special effects technology would blow people's minds.
It would be one of star Trek's greatest battles done right !

The whole Series should be redone !
Referencing the part in bold... the problem with that is that the Ent-D wasn't at the battle. It arrived after it was over.

And I think the shock of the scene, as said above, was the complete devastation after.

And who ever woulda thunk we'd be talking about TNG needing remastering???
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