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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Green Tea is a brilliant short story. It, and Carmilla, among others, are collected in the Through a Glass, Darkly compedium of short Le Fanu stories I mentioned.

Maturin is best known for Melmoth the Wanderer, though it's not his only Gothic work. He was also related to Oscar Wilde, who adopted the pseudonym 'Sebastian Melmoth' whilst in France. Various authors from Balzac to Nabokov appear to have worked in references to Melmoth.

In some ways, Melmoth was one of the last classic Gothic novels - I mean in the tradition of Walople, Lewis, Radcliffe. The plot structure makes almost absolutely no sense (it's a story within a story, then within a story, then within a story), but it's all connected by the titular character.
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