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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Well, I read Hunter's Moon and I liked it, in and of itself. Larry Talbot was mostly well characterized. However, I didn't feel that it really conjured up that Universal Monster ambiance very well.

It seems that the author was trying to play the book both ways-- as a Universal sequel set in the 40s and as a contemporary novel for casual readers. As a result, there was an unsatisfying lack of detail. For example, Larry noted that cars were different eight years later, but that was it; those eight years could have been 1940-48 or 2000 to 2008. Nor were there any cultural or current events references; if I were Larry, I would have wanted newspapers and magazines. This omission was glaring, to my mind.

Nevertheless, it was a nice book and a pleasant read; one just has to accept it as an 'alternate universe' Larry Talbot.
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