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Continuing Voyages - The Adventure Continues! ACTIVE

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Star Trek Experience? Have you ever wanted to explore strange new worlds with Captain Kirk and Mister Spock of the Enterprise or help Captain Picard and his crew to defuse a turbulent situation before it became an interstellar incident? Have you ever wanted to sit on the bridge with Captain Sisko and the crew of DS9 while they fought the good fight against the enemy or explore strange phenomenon while you're heading home like Captain Janeway and the crew of the Voyager? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then I have the perfect place for you. Welcome to Star Trek: Continuing Voyages.

Seven years as of September 2007, Continuing Voyages is a Star Trek PBEM set in the early 25th Century. In our series the Federation has just come out of a blood thirsty war with an enemy called the T'Saz and is finally back at peace. We're going back to the basics of the Federation and proceeding on a mission that has defined the Federation since the very beginning: exploring strange new worlds and civilizations. Even now the Enterprise is on its way to its next mission - and it promises to be an exciting one.


Three months ago the Enterprise crew had a run in with the intergalactic prankster Q. During their meeting the omnipotent member of the Continuum gave the crew the mission that would define them and the Federation for generations - or lead to the ultimate destruction of life as we know it should they fail. They have been asked to travel throughout the uncharted Wilds (an area beyond Cardassian Space) and locate a series of mysterious relics that will lead whomever finds them to the greatest power in the universe. Having acquired the first relic in their quest, the crew has gotten back on the road to find the next relic.

There is a problem though. It's called Mar Oscura - or (as the ancient Bajorans called it) the black death. A deep dark matter nebula filled with pockets of radiation that could result in death and destruction if touched, the next relic is hidden on a planet somewhere deep inside the nebula. Despite the risks the Enterprise and its crew have agreed to proceed to explore the dangerous region to recover the rune with the aid of the scoutship USS Aurora.

However, disaster has struck. Upon arrival the Enterprise crew has found the USS Aurora stricken inside the nebula and calling for help. Without the aid scoutship travel through the nebula is beyond dangerous - and recovery of the Aurora would risk the loss of the relic (especially with the growing strain on the planet in center of the nebula).

Can the Enterprise crew recover the relic and save the crew of the Aurora? Join us and you can make the difference!

On behalf of the crew of the Enterprise I thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that you'll consider joining us and becoming a part of the adventure. There will always been a place for you here.

William Teagarden
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