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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

^ You know, the problem with that is that so much of the show is so doggone GOOD that different people have different ideas of what episodes are best in the series. And so what might be for one person a 'best in the series' episode might be a 'hidden gem' for another.

For example, for me GROPOS might be a hidden gem. It's not one of my top 15 episodes...but it's a good one nonetheless...and really, it's the episode were I remember thinking for the first time "Okay....So this IS a good show after all! Not nearly as lame as I thought it would be from the first few episodes I saw..."

Another one for me is A Distant Star. I like the story, for sure...but this episode contains some of the best music in B5, IMO. That theme for the Cortez was totally cool! Usually when rewatching, I can't wait to get to this episode, just for the Cortez theme.

Those are just a couple from toward the beginning of the series - those are easier for me because I remember these as being episodes that helped get me 'hooked' as a new viewer, long before I saw all the kick-ass episodes of seasons 3 & 4. I'm sure I can think up more.

As an aside...I wish I could be involved in a marathon like that. I've watched pretty much all of this show completely alone and it would have been fun to have had some company. Do you have a local club or something, Neroon?
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