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Re: Spoiler whores thread (Don't change the frakin subject )

Scatta said:
Back to the gun, I just realized that it looks like she's firing and you said that the rumor was that she might be trying to shoot Kara. Please tell me she's not holding that gun with one hand with her arm fully extended while firing it. That thing is as big as she is. Unless I'm wrong (since my knowledge of guns is limited to a very small bit of information on rifles), after the first shot, isn't the recoil going to jerk her arm and destroy the frak out of her ability to aim?
Well back in the season 2 episode "Valley of Darkness" she was offered a gun by Apollo but refused to take it so something extreame must happen in order for her to use one. So I'm guessing from that that she has little exprience with weapons hence her less then stellar shooting style in the promo
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