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Re: Fan Production Submissions

Lindley said:
Oh, and I don't think this notion would hurt "finished" projects. Hidden Frontier is the only one I'm aware of which is definitively "finished", and it would have the highest episode count for quite a while anyway.
I agree with you in principle, I just don't want to make maintaining the list some sort of burden on either myself or LG. And I have nightmares about having to try to keep the number of episodes current on my own. Perhaps when it becomes stable and if the maintenance is low we can revisit the issue. It certainly wouldn't require a lot of effort to edit the number of episodes back into the original entry.
Hudson_uk said:
I think estimated dates etc should be kept out as they would get out of date.
True enough and yet something else that would require regular maintenance on the mod's part.
Perhaps entries should only be included if they have something available ?
I'm trying to check out each production as I'm listing it, but it's entirely possible that I may miss one or otherwise screw up. I figure you guys will let me know when that happens and either myself or LG will correct the entry.
areakt said:
I think a fan-film should have both a website, and a teaser available before it's included. (audio too).
Having a web site is a requirement. After all, the description in the list is only supposed to be a teaser in itself to get people to visit the web site. If there isn't one available then listing the production seems a bit worthless.

Good ideas everyone and, as usual, much appreciated.
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