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Re: Recommend your favorite Science or Technology book.

If you want a really good book that requires a "little" mathematical understanding, but want to know what this science thing is all about and why we mathematicians don't always agree with our fellow scientists then,

"Foundations of Science" by Henri Poincare is the book you should read. This is a classic in its own right, but if you want to play with the universe, Poincare should be first on your list, because he's the one who invented Topology (well, he didn't invent it, but he certainly defined it). It's because of him that a triangle is looked at as a circle and a coffee cup as a donut.

While I'd also reccommend Riemann, he requires considerable mathematical knowledge to fathom, but if you want to have a fun twist to add to your vision of the universe, then read this book.

Also, now that it is public domain, you can go to google books and get it as pdf. Once you read this book you'll understand somewhat what Einstein was talking about. But Poincare did it first.
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